Vocabulary Builder

Moby Vocabulary is the fastest way to learn new words and ensures that students remember words for a lifetime. The Common Core Standards specifically note the importance of vocabulary: "The importance of students acquiring a rich and varied vocabulary cannot be overstated. Vocabulary has been empirically connected to reading comprehension since at least 1925....the difference in students' vocabulary levels is a key factor in disparities in academic achievement ..."
Vocabulary Builder
The Find-Learn-Practice-Review Cycle

The Find-Learn-Practice-Review Cycle

Moby's adaptive pretest ensures that students only practice unknown words. Students learn each word and then practice word meanings by matching the word with the appropriate definition, sentence, and picture. The review cycle ensures that vocabulary words are retained for life.

Adaptive + Review = Speed + Mastery

Research has consistently shown that vocabulary is the key to becoming an effective reader. Students practice words they do not know and skip words they have already mastered. Using spaced-interval-training techniques, students review words frequently over a period of weeks and then over a period of months.
Adaptive + Review = Speed + Mastery
Easily see students' progress

Easily See Students' Progress

Moby constantly monitors student progress and word acquisition. You will easily be able to see your students' weekly, monthly and even daily progress. Moreover, you can monitor acquisition rates to see how fast your students acquire new words.

Create automatic or custom word lists

Teachers can opt to start students with a pretest or manually determine each student's word level. The teacher can then allow Moby to find the words the student is not familiar with or build their own word lists. Either way, the student will learn effectively and efficiently with the Find-Learn-Practice-Review cycle.
Create automatic or custom word lists
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