The Fastest Way to Create Classroom Excitement

Motivated students. Fun in the classroom. Excitement each week. These are the results of Real Rewards. With posters, parties, and real prizes, no other publisher invests in your students like MobyMax!

Moby Real Rewards is a true breakthrough in creating motivated students that cheer each other to succeed while building a supportive community in the class.

Kickoff Poster Classroom Poster
Real excitement. Real prizes. All year.

The four Real Rewards events are timed to create motivated students and teachers throughout the year!

The Get Crackin’ Fall Kickoff

Jump start the new school year with the Get Crackin’ Fall Kickoff! Each week, one student in each classroom will win their choice of a real prize like the coveted Moby Royal Whale t-shirt or the styling Moby sport backpack.

The Massively Monstrous Party

Students cheer each other on and try their best to earn points for their classroom. The Massively Monstrous Party truly builds a supportive community in the classroom. The three classrooms that earn the most points win!

The Big Bang New Year Kickoff

After students return from the holidays and winter is in full swing, there is nothing like the Big Bang New Year Kickoff to get students excited and motivated. Like the fall kickoff, one student from each classroom wins a real prize each week.

The Great Spring Party

In the home stretch before the summer begins, the Great Spring Party keeps students motivated all the way to the end of the school year. Like the November Monster Party, three classrooms win a party with their collaborative effort.

Real Results in Real Classrooms

Here is what teachers said about the effect that Moby's Real Rewards had in their classrooms.

My students are, at this moment, talking to each other about who is going to win. They are cheering each other on and really trying to do their best work to get the most points. It's been a great tool, not only for learning, but to build a supportive community in the class. Mountain House High School, CA
I thought the prizes were perfect to help motivate students in the beginning of the contest. As each week went on, I noticed that not only did my students look forward to the new set of prizes, but they also enjoyed watching their total points increase. Students were eager to compete to win prizes, but they also enjoyed the fact that they were learning new material and doing their absolute best! Samuel Mickle School , NJ
The contests and prizes really motivated my students to complete their work to the best of their ability. They were excited to get to work each day and loved seeing the prizes and leaderboard scores. New Horizons Academy , NV
My students were very excited when they received the prizes. They were always checking the leaderboard so that they could see who was in first place. I even got some of them to work at home, which has never happened before. Hallandale High School , FL
The prizes were extremely effective! I had several students who actually logged in at home to help them get ahead of their peers :) S L Mason Elementary School , GA
My students were highly motivated by the prizes, checking the leader board, and challenging themselves to earn points by answering questions correctly. Paseo Hills Elementary , AZ
The students that are normally not excited about doing work got very excited to work for extrinsic motivation. They loved the prizes they could receive. West Ridge Elementary , WI
We loved the contest and the prizes. They motivated my students to want to use MobyMax even at home. Oaklawn Magnet School, AR
The prizes were extremely motivational for the students. My competitive students absolutely loved the challenges. Joshua Cowell Elementary , CA
This was the best contest ever! As a Title I school, my students love the prizes and have really put in great effort to win! Coolidge Elementary School, TX
My students LOVED the prizes. Camino Real Elementary , CA
The prizes were amazing, and I enjoyed having my class participate in the contest! Chipperfield Elementary, PA
Oh my goodness! My students LOVED the prizes and most were very motivated by them. I love the program and so do my students! Liberty Elementary School , IL
The prizes were very effective for my students. My students are all low income, high poverty, so they were very motivated by even the simplest prizes. W O Lance Elementary School, AL
The prizes were awesome! I would get them out every once in a a while and the students would kick it into high gear trying to be the best and win. National Road , OH
My students were very motivated with the prizes. They were a big help and made this challenge special and meaningful. Chipperfield Elementary, PA
My students LOVED the prizes. They started using MobyMax more than ever with the contest. Pharr Elementary School , GA
The prizes were great. I found them very effective in motivating my students to do their assignments correctly and stay on task. Riverview Elementary School, ID
The prizes really motivated by students to work not just at school but at home too. Edgemont Elementary School , MI
The prizes offered to students through the Moby Max study were effective to motivate my students to get as many minutes as possible during each contest. My students enjoyed the prizes and they were appropriate for their age level. Onsted Elementary , MI
I believe creating healthy competition was a huge motivator in completion and work ethic. Imagine School At Avondale, AZ
Prizes were very effective, students needed motivation to work as long as they had to every day. Having new and exciting prizes every few weeks really kept them motivated to keep going. A A Anastasia , NJ
The contests were very motivational to get kids excited to work. They were constantly wanted updates on who was in the lead. Valley View Elementary School , TN
My students are highly motivated by seeing their progress and working toward prizes. The individualization of the program really supported my students in staying motivated throughout the program as well. Pueblo Del Sol Elementary School, AZ
I thought that the prizes and contests were awesome motivational tools for my students. They looked forward to obtaining badges and certificates, as well as the prizes. I've seen the majority of them gain more confidence in themselves throughout this process. There have been times where we didn't have access to the computers, because the general education classes were doing district assessments, etc and they were heartbroken. I work in a rural, poverty stricken area, where resources are limited; especially so for my Special Education students. The majority of everything they receive is at my expense (i.e. supplies, resources, rewards, treats). They are thrilled to receive the tiniest of rewards and gestures. I truly appreciate you for selecting my class and providing the incentives that you have for them. You all are truly amazing! Canton School-Art & Sciences, MS
The students really enjoyed the prizes. It did seem to motivate them, especially when they stated that they were going to win this or that prize. Speedway Academies, NJ
Many of my students were motivated by checking the leaderboard to see how they were progressing and it motivated them to persevere. The prizes for the contests were also a big incentive. Quail Run Elementary School , AZ
I found prizes and contests very effective. The students did their best and really wanted to achieve highest for the contests! Pellston Middle/High School , MI
My students were extremely excited about the prizes. At the beginning, I showed them the contents of the prize package and discussed the requirements for winning each prize. The competition among my older students became intense! Wilson ES, OK
I thought the prizes helped motivate my students and encouraged them to work individually and as a class. Kipapa Elementary School , HI
The students were thrilled to learn that they would earn prizes, and it really motivated them to work and strive hard to earn points. John H. Still , CA
I LOVE the prizes and found them very exciting. It definitely motivates my older students. Washington St Elementary, SC
The prizes and contests were very motivating to my class. Overall, it was a great incentive and most of my students had dramatic increases in skill levels. Patricia Nixon Elementary , CA
I think that they were extremely motivated by the prizes and contests. My learners love to be on the computers. Being in a low income school, most do not have access to electronics outside of school. We share computers with another grade, so our time is limited. I think the prizes and contests made them more focused. Ilead Pacoima, CA
My students were very motivated to get on MobyMax every morning to try to be on top of the leaderboard. Del Rey Elementary , CA
They were fun prizes that the students loved/really want. Scuola Vita Nuova Charter , MO
I think the prizes are wonderful. Waynesville East Elementary , MO
The prizes were very motivating to my students, and I appreciate the mix of individual and group prizes. Mill Creek Elementary , MO
The students were very motivated to receive the prizes. The prizes were of good quality. Pine Tree Hill Elementary , SC
I was pleasantly surprised about the prizes. Park View Elementary , CA
My students were motivated for the prizes and the contests! Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Elementary, MN
Students were really motivated by the prizes. Thanks! Emerson Middle , CA
I think this contest and the prizes were awesome. Jacobsen Middle , CA
Prizes and incentives are effective for students in special education. Norton Space & Aeronotics Acad, CA
After the first week giveaway, the kids realized this was a real contest, and that what they did on MobyMax mattered. Then they did more work to become the winner. Gault Street Elementary , CA
Great prizes, and the students enjoyed it. Lewis And Clark Elementary , MO
My kids were very excited to obtain prizes! Westfield Village Elementary , CA
My students were very excited for the prizes. Prairie Lincoln Elementary School , OH
The students were motivated by the prizes and also because they were "racing" against each other. Foose School, PA
The prizes were amazing. Barrett El School, PA
I loved having incentives for the kiddos to work towards. Hillside Elementary, OR
We loved the contests and prizes. The prizes are definitely a motivator. Those students that have computers at home were on them all the time, attempting to earn 1st place and the prize. Greenbriar Elementary School , IL
I found the contests and prizes to be very effective in motivating students! Very motivating for all learning levels. Coral Academy Charter School Elementary, NV
I thought the prizes and contest were very effective. My student enjoyed all of the prizes. The contest motivated them to excel and work hard at school and at home to achieve their goal. Bainbridge High School , GA
The students really enjoyed the contests. The prizes were great and were effective in getting the students motivated to participate. Youth Co-Op Charter School , FL
The kids loved the prizes and became competitive for the top prizes. The contests were great; the kids checked their standings every day. Cottrell F. Hoxsie Elementary School , RI
I think the prizes are great! My students have enjoyed competing against each other. Western Hills Elementary School, AR
They were very effective! The students were excited to get something for their efforts. Other students began working harder when they saw the top prizes. Murphy Candler Elementary School , GA
I think the prizes were a very effective way to motivate the students. They got very excited and helped each other stay motivated to get the prizes. I believe the contests were very fun for the students. Bernalillo Elementary School, NM
The students were highly motivated and checked the contests regularly (a little too regularly, sometimes!) Stetsonville Elementary , WI
The prizes were great and kept their motivation up! Ladera Del Norte Elementary, NM
The students LOVED the prizes and the contests. The competition helped keep them motivated through the long haul. Jolly Elementary School , GA
The students loved the prizes and contests! They loved the competition aspect. Spring Hill Elementary School , FL
Absolutely. My students were very excited about them. They look forward to hearing what each contest's prizes were going to be. Osceola Intermediate , WI
The prizes kept students interested in working and doing their best to win the prizes. Old Town Elementary School , FL
I thought the prizes and contests were great! Many students were very motivated to be on MobyMax. Huth Road School, NY
The prizes were motivating. They also liked knowing who was on the leader board. Gilbert Elementary School, MI
The prizes were highly motivating and the contests were very exciting for my students. Merrick Academy-Queens Public Charter School , NY
Loved the prizes, it was a big motivation for them to keep working. Ocean Springs High School , MS
The prizes did give students a reason to do their work, however, they were also motivated by the competition aspect. Pleasantville Middle School, NJ
I think the prizes were great! The students enjoyed the variety and I enjoyed the freedom of choosing the prize with a Target card. CHEWS, NJ
I found them very effective. My student, as well as their parents, were excited about the prizes. My students worked very hard to earn the prizes. Lakeside Middle School , NJ
The kids loved the prizes. They were very motivating for the kids. Thomas A Edison Elementary School , NY
I thought the prizes were great! The students really enjoyed them. They would like to continue this the rest of the year. Desert Harbor Elementary School , AZ
The prizes were effective. The students really work hard to beat each other. Ann Visger Elementary School , MI
The students loved getting the prizes. It really brought out their competitive side. John F Kennedy No 7 , NJ
The prizes were very effective in motivating my students. Burton Elementary School , MI
They are great! My students loved being competitive and thought the prizes were awesome! Liberty Elementary School , AZ
The students were excited for the prizes and it gave them more motivation to stay on Moby Max. Hillcrest Elementary School , MI
The prizes were very motivating. We also loved having the poster to post our class involvement. Teleos Preparatory Academy, AZ
I thought that they were great and the students really liked them!! Leeds Ave Elementary School, NJ
The prizes and contests were a big motivator. They effectively motivated the students to get their time in. Alden Intermediate School , NY
The prizes were very motivating to the students. They looked forward to receiving their prizes and worked hard. Van Rensselaer Elementary School , NY
The kids really enjoyed competing for the prizes. I am excited to see the changes in their scores at the end! Henry Elementary School , TN
I think the prizes and contests were effective. They motivated most of my kids. Batesville Elementary School, MS
I loved the prizes and contests. It really helped keep most students motivated. William Tell Elementary School , IN
I found the prizes and contests very effective. The students loved winning "high value" prizes (not just a sticker etc.). Lincoln Charter , NC
I think the prizes and contests have been perfect!!! My kids have loved it! Weatherford West ES, OK
Very effective in motivating the students, especially in the beginning when they weren't use to spending that much time on Moby Max each day. Madison 2-3 Center, SD
I loved all the variety. Students loved the competition, and I had great feedback from parents and students. Macarthur Elementary, KS
The students were very excited to receive the prizes! Gateway Elementary School, NE
They loved the prizes and contests! It kept most of my students super motivated to get to work during their Moby Max time. Mitchell ES, OK
I thought it was a great incentive, and they were more excited and motivated to earn MobyMax prizes then the regular classroom incentives. Elsie H Wilcox Elementary School , HI
The prizes were very effective with motivating students. The contests were great! Malden Elementary School, MO
The prizes were good, and the students were excited to play. Bridges Preparatory School, SC
I thought they were great! Drayton Hall Elementary , SC
The prizes and contests were effective, and some of my students were super excited about them. Oak Valley Elementary , CA
The prizes motivated my students to work harder. Desert View Elementary , CA
Students loved the prizes. Myrtle Avenue Elementary , CA
The prizes were a great motivational piece of the contest. Westfield Village Elementary , CA
They were effective in motivating students. Eden Gardens Elementary School, CA
The prizes were very popular among my students. Willamina High School , OR
The students loved the prizes! They are of high quality and relevant to what the students are currently interested in. Mt Orab Primary Elementary School , OH
I thought all the prizes were fun and motivating. Old Post Elementary School , IL
I found them to be very effective and very motivating for my students. Centauri Middle School , CO
The incentives were great! Haverhill Cooperative Middle School , NH
I think the prizes and contests were great. The students were very motivated and competitive in order to win the prizes. Belmond-Klemme Elementary , IA
We loved the prizes! The students loved every contest and the prizes. Clinton Primary School , AR
The prizes and contests were very motivating. Osage , NJ
Very generous prizes that many of my students looked forward to. Cougar Creek Elementary, WA
I think they were great. The prizes motivated a majority of my students. O C Johnson School , AZ
I thought they definitely motivated the children to push themselves. Newfane Elementary School , NY
The prizes were great! Robles Elementary School, AZ
Awesome and motivating! Glendora , NJ
The prizes are a great motivator for the students to complete given tasks on MobyMax. William E Deluca Jr Elementary School , NY
The prizes were pretty cool. The kids did seem to like them! Southside Special Educ School , MI
I found the prizes and contests effective. The students liked them a lot. Gilbert Elementary School , AZ
The prizes and contests seemed to really motivate the students. Hemlock Middle School , MI
My students were very eager to learn about what prize was next and that helped them try to earn more time. Edison Elementary School , MI
My students loved all the prizes! Imagine School At Avondale, AZ
My students were excited about the prizes and watching the leaderboard. Gallberry Farm Elementary , NC
I think the prizes were great, and the students wanted to earn them. Robert Lee Frost School 106 , IN
They were awesome! Thank you American Leadership Academy , UT
It was wonderful to have some extrinsic rewards for my class this year. Helen Griffith Elementary School , IN
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