Fix COVID Slide Gaps
The COVID slide affects ALL students.
Every Student Now Needs an IEP

Every teacher will be faced with an enormous variation in academic performance among their students. Every student will have missing skills that will need remediation. Every student will need an IEP to catch up to grade level.

MobyMax helps students catch up one full grade level with just 20 hours of work by finding and fixing missing skills. Designed to help all learners close learning gaps with minimal teacher time, MobyMax delivers student services as effectively and seamlessly as possible.

Unprecedented Learning Gap

All students need adaptive, differentiated curriculum to close an unprecedented learning gap caused by school closures. MobyMax automatically assigns lessons to each student based on their diagnostic results, ensuring that students practice the skills they need to work on without spending time on skills they have already mastered.

Check for Understanding

To address the learning gaps created by the COVID Slide, teachers need fast assessment tools integrated into their daily teaching. MobyMax’s Quick Checker provides teachers a free, quick, and easy way to check for understanding both in the classroom and during remote learning.

Little Time to Train Teachers

All schools will have little time to train teachers and help them prepare for finding and fixing missing skills. The combination of a single platform, Class Celebrations, and Virtual Training creates a successful implementation that costs far less in both money and time than the now obsolete in-person training. Better yet, this combination also creates a successful outcome which is not very common with the old-style professional development.

Recession-Impacted Budget

All districts will have funding severely impacted by the economic recession. With student licenses starting at just $4.99 per student, MobyMax is the most affordable edtech solution available.

School Closures

School closures are likely to continue as sporadic outbreaks of the coronavirus occur for the next three years. MobyMax is equally as powerful in the classroom as it is for remote learning, offering a multitude of tools to maintain communication with students, keep students engaged, and report real-time progress and time. To help with students working independently, MobyMax is completely automatic, from the placement test to remediation. But just as important, teachers can manually assign specific lessons and skills whenever needed. MobyMax also has tens of thousands of “Teach Me” video lessons that are ideal for students learning on their own.

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