with over 800 leveled stories and articles

Leveled literature and informational texts
Paired informational texts supplement stories
Integrated short-answer writing module
Progress monitoring for common core standards

Informational Texts Enhance Stories

Moby Reading pairs literature and informational texts with similar topics to encourage deep reading and facilitate learning. Informational texts draw in students with interesting topics, and all students love stories. The pairing of both creates a fertile ground for critical thinking.

Progress Monitoring

Each text in Moby Reading is accompanied by a series of standards-aligned comprehension questions. These questions allow teachers to monitor progress on the common core standards as students read and ensure that students are comprehending and actively engaging with the texts they are reading.

Leveled Reading

Each grade has three reading levels with 10 lessons at each level. Each lesson has at least one literature text and two informational texts. To ensure that the student is working at an independent level, the reading level adjusts if the comprehension questions are too difficult.

Efficient Grading for Short Answers

Moby's grading interface saves teachers time and improves their feedback. Each short answer question includes an exemplar for teachers to reference when grading, and the grading interface allows teachers to drag and drop preloaded grammar markups and other comments directly onto student writing.

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